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Hello and welcome to! It can be hard to stay inspired and thinking positively sometimes.  The main idea for this website is to inspire and motivate people to live their life full of optimism. When inspiration arises it is usually something that appeals to my intellect or emotions that drives me to action. Motivation appeals to our reasoning to take action.

Whether you are looking for an answer to a life question or are looking for a quote to live by there are many quotations that may answer your questions.  If you are trying to inspire or motivate someone close to you, there are inspirational and motivational quotes here that will help keep your thoughts positive and inspire or motivate you as you go through your day. Whether you are looking for a short funny quote or and I love you quote there is a quote here that will meet your desire.

    Inspirational and motivational quotes are such a great way to gain knowledge and experience in a short period of time. It is an encapsulation of a persons thinking, values, and experience. As I have collected quotes it has changed my point of view, and perhaps, made me a more positive person.

     This is a chance to share some inspirational and motivational quotes that have impacted my life and may well impact yours too. I have planned to include quotes of famous people that have been quoted like Albert Einstein.  I believe that it sometimes helps to look at the entire body of quotes to understand the overall idea that the quoted is trying to convey.

     When your head is trending negatively sometimes it helps to retreat to a place to collect your thoughts. A quote can inspire or motivate you or give you hope to take action on your situation.

     You will find that this website is organized by category.  I sincerely hope that you remember to return to Quotes-To-Inspire to read these inspirational quotes!

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Aristotle                    Ralph Waldo Emerson

William Shakespeare         John Adams

Henry Ward Beecher      Warren Buffett

Marcus Aurelius         Saint Augustine

Maya Angelo             Douglas Adams

Oscar Wilde               Erma Bombeck

Muhammad Ali

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